[Discography] Yuuhei Satellite

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Genre: Vocal, Instrumental, Electronic, Trance, Eurobeat
senya (aka Mayumi Morinaga) — Vocals
かませ虎 (Kamase-Tora) — Lyrics
Autobahn — Arrangement
でいたらぼっち (deitarabotchi) — Arrangement
Iceon — Arrangement
HiZuMi — Arrangement (rather active in 幽閉カタルシス)
ぬらりひょん (Nurarihyon) — Arrangement
音霊 (Otodama) — Guitar
嵯峨 飛鳥 (Saga Asuka) — Illustration

Young circle focused on doing vocal touhou arranges. The main and sole vocalist is senya. In addition to the beautiful vocal, four members of the circle bring us great pop, trance and house music. Yuuhei Satellite also made tracks for Sound Voltex & Beatmania. Senya is also an alias of Mayumi Morinaga. Yuuhei Satellite also does the music for Manpuku Jinja’s series of doujin animations, Fantasy Kaleidoscope (Gensou Mangenkyou) ~The Memories of Phantasm~. And I guess everyone here is at least aware of those short OVAs.

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[Discography] Barbarian on The Groove

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Barbarian On The Groove, or BOG, is a circle led by three members: wight, mo2 and syow (ex member – bassy). Activity of the circle is closely related with famous doujin singers like Haruka Shimotsuki, Chata, Rekka Katakiri, Marie, Kahiena and many more. Music: pop, rock, sometimes folk, relaxing or electronic tunes. In addition to the gorgeous series of original albums, they compose BGM music, as well as game songs.


[Discography] Yousei Teikoku

Yousei Teikoku

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Four-member Japanese band, formed in 1996. The band’s unique style is formed from many genres such as gothic, symphonic metal, rock, techno, trance and other elements from electronic music, this crazy mixture creates amazing atmosphere that can blow your mind. The band started gaining its popularity in 2005-06 after releasing anime and games songs, as well as composing BGM. Main members are: Yui, band’s leader, vocalist and lyricist & Takaha Tachibana, composer and arranger.